At Digit Freeway we pride ourselves in designing complete systems and solutions for your unique requirement. The process starts with an interview to determine exactly what your needs are and what you expect from the system. If we identify that we cannot fill your needs, we’ll decline the order. The complete service includes hardware installation, setting up of PC software, installation of custom maps and training. Whether your fleet is one vehicle, possibly even that of a loved one that you are concerned about, or hundreds of commercial vehicles, we have a solution for you.

With the ever rising cost of travel and transport due to fuel, maintenance, asset costs and tolls it is of the utmost importance to save where possible. The simple formula is vehicles cost X per km. Cut down the kilometers and you cut down the costs. We’ll give you the tools to do just that. Digit Freeway – the only system that pays for itself.




Digit Freeway manufactures our own hardware, specifically designed to work with the Digit system. The reliability of the devices has become so legendary that even competitors buy hardware from us to use with their software systems. Our engineers can even take on special projects for custom applications and specialized firmware can be written to suit your application.


Digit Freeway fleet management software has been designed to be extremely user friendly, simple and intuitive whilst maintaining a rich array of features and the ability to produce comprehensive reports. Upgrades are constantly being released and usually the first few upgrades are free. The PC software incorporates mapping making the system lightening fast even when used on entry level computers.

Installation Services

All Digit Freeway distributors can install the systems for you. This installation service goes beyond the hardware but includes assistance with software installation, licensing and custom installations. Our experts can even assist with complex input and output installations.








Software -
Included in your purchase of a Digit system is training on how to use the software. We’ll get you up and running in under 30 minutes.
Server -
When required we can setup your own server login and we offer training on how to use the features as well as how to understand the information presented.
Hardware -
For more knowledge on the entire system we can offer you training on how the hardware works and the additional features available.
Installation -
For those that would like to do their own hardware installations we offer training. Distributors wishing to advance to become official installers can complete a certified training course on how to install complete systems.
Sales -
Distributors and resellers can attend further training in order to be more informed of market trends and ways to deliver better service to customers. Marketing and promotional ideas and materials are also discussed.