Q: Does Digit Freeway offer recovery?
A: Yes, we can offer recovery through an outsourced reputable company.

Q: Does the installation affect my vehicle warranty or motor plan?
A: No. There are only two wires that need to be connected and this can be connected directly to the car battery. No cutting into the wiring harness is necessary.

Q: Can the system be used to recover a stolen vehicle?
A: Yes it can be used for stolen vehicle recovery, many vehicles have been recovered using Digit Freeway. The help of the SAPS and private recovery companies has been enlisted.

Q: How many vehicles can the system accommodate?
A: The system is designed to handle up to 1000 vehicles on one PC. Although it would probably be more practical to have this size fleet spread over a number of PCs for logistical reasons

Q: Can I label common places that vehicles go such as the office or my clients?
A: Yes the software allows you to set locations which can be labeled and sized. You can also set live track alarms to notify you of when a vehicle exits or enters a location.

Q: Can I be informed of vehicle movement via SMS?
A: Yes, by sending a simple alarm command to the Digit, you will be notified via SMS the moment your vehicle is moved.

Q: Is the Digit Freeway contract 36 months like most other vehicle tracking companies?
A: No, there are cash options that function on a month to month basis. You are not tied to paying for obsolete hardware for years afterwards.

Q: How much airtime does the device use per month if used on prepaid.
A: Usage varies depending on how far you drive but averages around R30 per month.

Q: On what do you guys base the statement that Digit Freeway should pay for itself?
A: Based on current petrol prices, the cost of running a vehicle and driver salaries a vehicle only has to save 2km of unauthorized trips a day in order to pay for itself.

Q: Is it possible to see where my car is from my cellphone?
A: If your cellphone has a web browser you can login and see your vehicle.