Tired of throwing your savings into the wrong bank?




Tagging makes driver ID easier

Identifying who drives each vehicle is vital to meet with AARTO. With the Digit Freeway driver ID system the vehicle cannot be started until the driver has enrolled. When the fine arrives weeks later there can be no dispute as to who was driving. It is also possible to produce a monthly report of all the vehicles driven by any driver.


Diesel is "Liquid Gold"

If you own a company truck you are probably a victim of diesel theft.
Get your fuel levels remotely sent to your pc every 30 seconds while moving.
Receive an SMS if the fuel gets taken out of your wehicle while stationary.





Monitor fuel levels live!

Users are able to view each vehicle's fuel levels live, giving them total control. Reports will show exactly where and when fuel was added as well as how much was added, so verifying fuel slips becomes possible. The comprehensive report will show the entire fleet, at a click of a button the total fuel used, total current and all the consumption figures are displayed. SMS notification will inform you if fule is siphoned or drained.